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He ended up kicking my door in, stealing my property and selling it. But he came back and sat in front of the door and waited for me. When he tried to talk to me I asked him to leave when I got to my door I discovered what he had done and called police. The door has been fixed, but he just came back tonight and knocked on my door!I spoke calmly to him through the door and called the police. He was gone before they got here, but it’s making me so nervous that he keeps coming back. I’m not sure what I can do. I really like the advice about not flaunting possessions. Advice such as this is usually given for tourists or travelers, and for visitors of foreign cities. Not wearing your expensive jewelry when out and about is part of the advice they give to travelers, but it is also good advice for your daily routine, especially because it gives criminals a good reason to mark you and your home as good potential targets. Small towns with tourist attractions are in a unique position to make targets out of locals, since many people come from out of town and there can be a wealth disparity. Mentioning your vacations or outings online through chat rooms or social media platforms is part of this advice, really.

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First, I entered the gateway activation key provided on the startup card and was connected within seconds. I clicked Continue to set up my devices, starting with the door sensors. For sensor A the app wanted to know if I was using it for a door or window and instructed me to pull out the clear plastic tab from the back of the sensor to activate it. I aligned the two components, named the sensor Front Door, hit Continue, and it was immediately paired. I added the second sensor and moved on to the motion sensor/camera. Using a small Philips head screwdriver I removed the back cover and inserted three CR123 batteries included.

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In fact, not talking about your vacation plans online for anyone to read is now one of the basic pieces of advice given to homeowners to prevent burglary. Socially, not bragging or flaunting your jewelry too much when in public is also solid advice, both for preventing others from feeling bad and to prevent criminals from wanting to rob you of your good fortune and invade your home. Remembering that these are tough economic times for many people and being considerate can go a long way. Knowing your neighbors is a great way to keep a neighborhood safe, and I am glad that this section was included as well. A happy home is one that has all of these elements, including a well trained dog, neighbors and friends to come by and check on the home and collect the mail while the family is away, and there are lots of lights around each home that run on timers and motion sensors. Keeping a solid neighborhood watch makes bonding for the neighbors as well as make a more secure area for children and the family home. It only takes a few dedicated neighbors to start this, and there are many resources available at schools, community centers, and police stations, as well as online, for letting you know how to start one in the area you live in. Another advantage to starting a neighborhood watch, as well as making sure that you and other neighbors have burglar proofed your homes, is that would be burglars will be much less likely to come to your neighborhood at all if there are fewer houses that would make good targets. The use of timing devices seems a bit cliché, as the article implied, but actually the devices are anything but cliché. The article also makes a great point that these devices are not just for use when you and your family are away, but can also be used to deter would be burglars if you are upstairs or home alone. The tip about having the lights on when you get back to your house also makes a great case for a timer, in addition to a multitude of other reasons that a timer would come in handy.